Special Enrollment

Study Abroad

Although UMD does not have the additional grant or scholarship funds for your study abroad experience, you can apply your financial aid toward an approved study abroad programs.

OSFA does not have the additional grant or scholarship funds. Please submit both documents below to our office in order:

  • A completed Permission to Study Abroad Form from your academic advisor
  • A certified Study Abroad Financial Aid Worksheet from the Study Abroad Office (this worksheet can be found on our Forms page)
Permission to Enroll

It may be possible to take courses at another institution and receive aid for those courses from UMD.

To Qualify

Your combined enrollment must equal at least 6 credits or 24 graduate units and your academic advisor must approve your request to take courses at the other institution.

To Apply

Ask your academic advisor to complete a Permission to Enroll Form (found on our Forms page) and submit a copy to our office with a permission to enroll Financial Aid Authorization form. If your request is approved, we will pay out your aid and you will be responsible for paying the tuition to the other school by their due date.