Billing FAQs

If you have a scholarship from a source outside the university, you need to notify our office. Go to Testudo, click on Awards and tell us where the scholarship is coming from and how much you’ve been awarded. The funds will be added to your account when we receive the information from you and the check provided from the donor.

Loans are paid to your account like any other financial aid. However, if you are a first time recipient of a loan, there are additional requirements such as, completing a promissory note and completing entrance counseling. After actual funds are paid to your account, they will cover your charges first. Any remaining funds will be refunded to your bank account during the week before classes.

The most common reasons for these loans not appearing on your bill are:

  1. A signed promissory note.
  2. Entrance counseling for grad students.
  3. Credit check approval. 

If you have completed these requirements and the loan has not paid to your account, contact the financial aid office

Refunds are processed around seven days before the beginning of a semester. A check will be mailed to your address on Testudo, or sent in a direct deposit to your bank account.

Your UMD account balance shows what is either owed to you or what you owe UMD after all charges and payments have been applied. 

You may access your account balance at any time by checking your Student Account.