Scholarship Universe

Scholarship Universe is a scholarship matching tool that helps University of Maryland (UMD) students find and apply for external scholarships.

By creating a Scholarship Universe (SU) profile and answering the scholarship matching questions, students will be able to maximize their opportunities for a variety of external scholarships. SU has a robust search feature (there are over 12,000 vetted scholarships in the database!) and SU will automatically match students to external scholarships they qualify for based on their responses to the scholarship matching questions.

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Who can use SU?

Newly admitted and current UMD students who have established their Directory ID and password.

What is an external scholarship?

The term external scholarships refers to any scholarship that is not offered by UMD. They can be offered by local, state or national organizations. Every scholarship posted in SU has been vetted to ensure it came from a reliable source.

What types of scholarships are available on SU?

Within SU you can search for and be matched with scholarships based on your major, minor, college, department, academic merits, financial need, hobbies, interests, affiliations and more.

Why do I have to complete the matching questions?

SU uses your responses to the matching questions to determine your eligibility for scholarships in the database. The more questions you answer, the more scholarship opportunities the system will present to you. You don’t need to answer all the questions at once; you can return to SU anytime and answer more questions.

Step 1: Log In

Log in to SU from You will need your Directory ID and password to log in. 


Step 2: Review Dashboard

Review your dashboard. This is where you will see scholarships you have been matched with, in addition to outstanding items that require your attention. If you see "Award Response Needed" listed under the Actions Required section, you must complete a Thank You Note before your scholarship can be disbursed to your student account. 

Screenshot of Scholarship Universe Dashboard


Step 3: Answer matching questions

Answer matching questions so SU can automatically match you with scholarships in the database. Remember, the more questions you answer, the more scholarships you could match.

Screenshot of Scholarship Universe Matching Questions Section


step 4: Review scholarships section

Review the scholarships section, which has several different sub-sections:

  • Matches: scholarships within SU with which you have been matched.
  • Pinned: scholarships you have previously pinned/saved.
  • Partial Matches: scholarships for which you match at least one requirement.
  • Application submitted: scholarships for which you have applied.
  • Awarded: scholarships you have been awarded.
  • Non-matches: scholarships with which you do not match.
  • Not Interested: scholarships in which you do not have an interest, and which you have marked as such.

Screenshot of Scholarship Universe Scholarships Section


step 5: Review active applications

Within the Applications section you can review any active applications you have started or submitted. If you select the Apply button on one of the scholarships from the Scholarships section, it will appear here.

Screenshot of Scholarship Universe Applications Section


step 6: My Documents

The My Documents section is a place for you to upload or create documents (e.g. an essay or resumé) to assist with your scholarship applications. Active documents are those that are currently available to use while answering questions or submitting applications. Inactive documents are those that are not currently available but have been securely stored for future use.Screenshot of Scholarship Universe Documents Section