Student Financial Aid

Permission to Enroll at Another Institution

Permission to Enroll (PTE) is a process that allows students to take a course (or courses) outside of UM with the intention that those credits will be counted toward completion of their UM degree. Students can participate in the PTE program during the standard Fall/Spring academic semesters, and/or during Winter Term or Summer Term. It may also be possible to take courses at a domestic institution outside of UM and receive financial aid for those courses through the PTE program.

PTE Example: If an undergraduate student takes three credits at UM, and three approved credits at an eligible school, our Office could process that student's financial aid for the term based on the six total credits of enrollment.

In order for our office to process your request to receive aid while participating in the PTE program, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Obtain permission from the Chairperson or Dean of your academic department by completing the Permission to Enroll (PTE) Form, which details your chosen courses at the host institution, and their applicability to your UM degree.
  • Complete the following forms (available as a single PDF file)
    • Financial Aid Worksheet for Permission to Enroll Students
    • Permission to Enroll Student Checklist
  • Please submit completed copies of your Financial Aid Worksheet, Permission to Enroll checklist, and PTE form to the Office of Student Financial Aid by fax (301-314-9587), or in person at the Financial Service Center, located in Room 1135 of the Lee Building.
  • Please be advised that any financial aid for which you are eligible cannot be disbursed until your enrollment has been confirmed by the host institution. All financial aid is first disbursed to your UM account and applied to any outstanding balance before any refunds are generated.
  • It is your responsibility to use any refund you receive to pay the host institution directly.

OSFA will use the information provided on these forms to submit a Consortium Agreement to the host institution in order to have your enrollment in the course(s) there confirmed.

Additional Information

  • Please review our FAQ's about financial aid processing for the PTE program if you have additional questions.
  • If you would like to meet with the Permission to Enroll Financial Aid Counselor, you can schedule an appointment by calling 301-314-8377 and selecting Option #1.
  • If you are in need of additional financial aid options, you may wish to consider Direct Loans and/or Alternative Loans.