Student Financial Aid

Banneker/Key Scholarship Program

The Banneker/Key Scholarship gets its name from two very prominent figures in American history, Benjamin Banneker and Francis Scott Key both of whom resided in Maryland. The Banneker/Key scholarship is the University of Maryland's most prestigious academic award for undergraduates. All freshman applicants to the University of Maryland who meet the priority application deadline of November 1 and are invited to the Honors College are considered for nomination to the Banneker/Key Scholarship.

Identified through a competitive evaluation of admission application materials, scholarship candidates are reviewed in areas of academic achievement, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, awards, honors and essays. There is no application for this award beyond the admission application used to accept a student into a University degree granting program. Every year about 400 Banneker/Key Semifinalists are invited to campus in the spring for an interview before the 250 finalists of the full Banneker/Key are selected.

There are two award levels for Banneker/Key Scholarships. The first award level covers the cost of tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, and a book allowance each year for four years. The second award level provides $8,000 towards tuition and a book allowance for in-state students or $12,000 towards tuition and a book allowance for out-or-state students.

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