Alternative Aid Options

Outside Scholarships

We recommend utilizing our Scholarship Search page as a starting place to explore additional aid opportunities. Other  scholarship search engines include:


You do not have to apply for financial aid or be offered Federal Work-Study to be employed because you can work on campus with or without aid. Also, there are lots of work opportunities and paid internships in the surrounding areas of Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. 

For regular job listings and help with your search, please see the Career Center or the University Human Resources Student Employment Portal.

Private Loans

Private student loans are not based on financial need. ELMselect is a useful tool in learning loan fundamentals and comparing rates. Select from the UMD ELMselect undergraduate page or the UMD ELMselect graduate page.

Important information about private loans:

  • A student, parent(s), or guardian(s) may borrow up to the student’s yearly projected cost of education minus any other aid the student is receiving (including student, parent or guardian loans).
  • Private loan options should be used after other options. 
  • Private Loan Process
    • Fill out a Private Loan Self-Certification Form and submit the signed form to your lender.
    • After 10 business days, funds will be sent to UMD. Funds are paid to your student account to cover your balance. If money is owed to you, UMD will process a refund through direct deposit or send a paper check.

For additional information, please review the Private Loan FAQs page.