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Important Dates

2017-2018 FWS Fall/Spring Work Period is August 20, 2017 - May 26, 2018

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Earning your FWS Award

FWS awards do not credit directly to your university bill to offset costs such as tuition, mandatory fees, room, or board. Instead, the FWS award is earned through your employment. Just like an hourly job, you are paid according to the number of hours that are worked. Payment will equal the hourly wage times the number of hours worked each week.

How to Receive Payment

In order to get paid you are responsible for reporting your work hours online through University Payroll and Human Resources (PHR) . Paychecks are issued by the employer and are available every two weeks by check or direct deposit. If you do not enroll for direct deposit, you may pick up your paychecks from your department's business office.

Once you receive your paycheck, you are free to spend it on personal and/or educational expenses. Please note: your first pay check may be received up to four (4) weeks after your initial start date.

FWS Award Totals

You may earn up to the FWS award amount offered. Any amount that is not earned at the end of the fall is available to be earned during the winter or spring semester. Please note that any amount that is not earned by the end of the spring semester is forfeited. You are not penalized for not earning the maximum award amount.

If you earn at least fifty percent of your FWS award you may request an increase by completing and submitting the FWS appeal form. FWS Appeals are considered first come first serve and are offered based on whether you demonstrate remaining financial need and if there is available funding. When funding is limited, priority consideration is given to returning participants.

Exhausting FWS Funds

If you exhaust your FWS award and an increase is not allowed, your FWS employment must be terminated. FWS Employers may choose to continue your employment as a non-FWS participant using their own department funding. In this case, you should ask your employer for consideration.

Monitoring your earnings

It is you and your FWS Employer's responsibility to track your FWS earnings and ensure that earnings never exceed the FWS award amount.

To assist you with budgeting and calculating your earnings the FWS office offers the following tools also found on the right hand side of this page.

  • FWS Budgeting Tools
  • FWS Earnings Calculator

FWS Taxation/Benefits

FWS earnings are subject to withholdings of federal, state, and local income taxes unless the student qualifies for an exemption. If you are enrolled at least half time, you may also be exempt from FICA (social security and Medicare taxes).

All FWS students (and non-FWS students) who work will receive a W2 as record of their earnings with their employer.