Student Financial Aid

Emergency Assistance

Keep Me Maryland

The Keep Me Maryland Fund provides emergency assistance to students who are in danger of dropping out of school as a result of financial hardships stemming from the economy. The Keep Me Maryland fund can go toward costs associated with tuition/fees, room and board, and books. If you or a member of your immediate family is experiencing an unexpected financial hardship that is affecting your ability to pay for school please consider submitting an appeal form.

For more information on the impact of this scholarship and/or to donate please visit the Keep Me Maryland website.

Dreamkeepers Emergency Assistance Fund

The Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance program at the University of Maryland is designed to assist students who are experiencing temporary hardships and provide assistance to students at risk of dropping out due to unexpected financial problems. Please note the Dreamkeepers Emergency Assistance Grant can not be used to pay for costs related to books or tuition and mandatory fees.

The Dreamkeepers Emergency Assistance Grant can be used to assist students with:

  • Delinquent off campus living expenses (i.e. rent/mortgage payment)
  • Delinquent utility bills
  • Delinquent Medical Expenses not covered by insurance
  • Food related expenses (i.e. groceries)

For more information regarding the criteria of this grant please contact the Scholarships Office at 301-314-8377.

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans are intended to help meet the short-term financial needs of students and to help meet their education and education related expenses. Tuition is not an emergency expense.

Emergency Loan Application Process

Undergraduate students must explain the emergency to a financial aid counselor after checking in with the Student Financial Service Center, room 1135 Lee Building. Graduate students should visit the Graduate Office, room 2108 to obtain the emergency loan request form.